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About Land Alterations

Land Alterations began in San Antonio, Texas in 2008. The name was derived with the intention of specializing in all aspects of building, creating, and solving problems. We take land and make it into an outdoor living experience. Starting with irrigation services only, we wanted to separate ourselves from the others by focusing on design.  

Yes, all sprinkler systems do work, if installed by 10 different irrigation companies, but which one took the time beforehand to take a close look at the hydraulics of the system? The static and dynamic pressure, the precipitation rate according to your soil type and type of spray head being installed. Have you ever heard that mentioned in your last installation? 

As time continued, Land Alterations put this same effort into every project we touched, such as ponds, Cantera stone water fountains, outdoor kitchens, land reconstruction, drainage pathways, stone work (flagstone, limestone, etc.), and all the way down to water conservation. 

There are several ways to reduce your water bill by up to 60%, have the same precipitation rate and yet a lower cost on your monthly bill.

We are here to invest in your home. Think of it as this, when hiring Land Alterations, we put your money right back into your home.


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